The meaning of life and death...from a mom's perspective

Soul Planning ~ The Eternal Connection With Our Loved Ones

When the life I knew changed forever, I was not ready. I could never have been ready.

No matter how my child died…or yours…or your loved ones…we are changed. Whether there was great love, anger, passion, disappointment, or anything else in life felt at the time of death…the truth is…it still changes us.

What do we do with those deep feelings that rip through us?

We fight. Or we seek out alternative ways of looking at those feelings. We may try to cover them up so that we don’t feel so deeply. We may ask for help when our life is in such turmoil we can’t stand it…or we may look at all of it entirely differently…

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The Depth Of It All

When the going gets tough…do we give up? Oh wow…that would be the best and easier way… we think…

And then something says…you cannot give up.

Trusting in our inner voice that says… Find a way…reach out…read…find something to help… hang on…

It’s too much you insist…

And your inner voice says… We cannot…give up.

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Going Deeper…Into the Soul Plans


Yes Deep. That is the life we now live. It is not simple anymore, is it?

It is hard and mysterious and pulls at us, tears into us until we find help or answers…

Confusion is at the base of it all. How did this happen? How could my child die? My loved one?


There was endless love, nurturing, determination…and a million other ways I cared for this child, this relationship…

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The Love Is The Piece That Remains Forever

When the love is the piece you miss the most…can you imagine it is the piece that lasts forever? It is the part of your relationship that cannot ever be broken or lost. It is the piece that cannot ever be ignored… It is all so deeply a part of you.

We are the ones bringing these words.


Mom/Sara is typing… We are bringing the words she and we know must be heard today, tomorrow, next week, next year…and beyond.

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Who Am I Now?

As the immense love for our children and loved ones is shifting our thinking, opening our minds…through their big and small signs that cannot be denied…we are changed.

Through our missing them, we are changed.

Through our growing and understanding more about life and death…we are changed.

We are being transformed by grief and love…with determination on both sides. Our love, their love.

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Soul Planning Is In Everything

In all the ways my love for Scott has pushed me to grow… whether I wanted to grow, or did not care about growing… it came. Yes. It could not be stopped. I now know everything is soul planned…including that growth and seeing more…in our grief…during our grief…and beyond our grief.

As an example I share this…with love…because it is about growth…and Scott.

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