The meaning of life and death...from a mom's perspective

Death Does Teach…

With the love for our children, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands, moms, dads, grandparents, friends…we are changed. Are we meant to be? Yes.

Life is a journey of the heart and soul. Could we know how deeply we would feel for one another? Can it truly be put into words? Must it be felt to see that depth? Will it change us forever?

After Scott’s sudden death…and to this day, I have seen tremendous love and pain, not only in myself, but hundreds, thousands, millions of others across the world. We love deeply, we grieve deeply. We are changed. We hear a new voice emerge from within…using words we hope will help another, teach, heal or perhaps open up new thinking.

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The Soul’s Journey Shows Us More

When this blog was created it, was not my idea. It came from Scott/Spirit/God. As I‘ve said many times, my initial response to creating and then writing a blog was  “No”. You see where I am today. I must smile too.  It was out of my hands from the beginning.

Knowing I planned this blog long, long ago in my pre-birth soul planning shows me what must be done now with every aspect of my life. When it is time. When it must be seen. When the words must be heard, put on the page, read…greater awareness will come.

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New Ways of Thinking





Anger, hate,

Pain, suffering,  confusion…

What is life really all about?

I ask Scott this question now, because we are going to answer it in a new way.  Challenges are a clear signal Spirit is at work within us.

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Why??  Then ask why a million other times too. Why him, why her, why us? Was there not enough love, protection, courage,and guidance? The doctors, the hospital, the treatment…wasn’t it enough? We followed all the rules! We are good people! We used tough love, or we gave all we had, we tried, we never gave up, we wanted for her or him to experience life, to fly.


How many times are those questions answered to our deepest need for truth, an understanding that allows us to accept what was created… Will there ever be enough answers for all we desperately ask?

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The Soul Planned Life

The soul plans are not as confusing as you may think…

And it is definitely time to share more…

I want you to know this…and Scott/Spirit insists you have this piece…

You will always be connected to your children and loved ones.  ALWAYS.

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The “Veil” and Its Meaning of “Separation”

As Scott and I write together to help bring clarity to much of what has been confusing us, I love that Spirit brings these topics to the forefront…

In keeping the promise we made to you last week to reveal the spiritual meaning…and relieve the confusion of “the veil” that seemingly separates us from our children and loved ones…let’s take a deeper look. Truly, this “veil” has given us in the human body something to visualize and hold in our minds that illustrates we are on two sides of something. But are we?

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