Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2014’

What can we teach you today?

I have written this blog at least ten times…

Every time I sat here at the computer…with Scott coming through me…we would write…and spend hours doing this…

Still no blog went out. Every page we wrote was deleted.

So in my humanness…I would get somewhat impatient…but still trusting in the perfect timing of Spirit coming through me.

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Grief Wisdom… How do you see this?

Nothing can change the fact that my child or my loved one died. Nothing…

What do I do now?

Is that the question we all must ask…at least 100,000 times?

Who am I? Where are you? Can I see you still? Can I hear you still? What can I do to not feel this horrendous pain and how deeply I miss you??

Questions…with so few answers.

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