Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2015’

Spiritual Nourishment

What comes when the love and the life you and I so invested in and loved…leaves this earth?

We experience life as never before.

And we see life differently than ever before. We see others around us in new ways.

Scott, my beloved child on the Other Side is my teacher. He is a teacher for all of us…

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2015… A new year

When the love for Scott brought me to that place of the greatest pain I could have ever known…I had to…had to…had to…find more to help me.

As I wrote last year…with my words intertwined with Scott’s…my beloved child in Spirit…we share my grief journey…20 years of all that has come to me, come to be…and the knowing that Scott never left me.

As I hoped to write in December I was shown it was not time… As I shared before…we sit at the computer and write and write…and then delete.

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