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Are You Ready for Some New Terminology?

Have you ever wondered what the words “passed away” mean?

It was maybe an easier way of saying “died” I felt…as I fumbled with telling someone Scott had died.

I never really used that terminology “passed away”, but I am not offended by it, or dislike it. I feel that is anyone’s choice…of what seems right or best for them.

And then I thought…what does “passed away” or “rest in peace” or any of those words really mean?

It is a personal choice to use them…and they become mainstream in time I guess. Even using the word ”lost” in “I lost my child” does not feel right to some.

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There is More!

We are back… Whew!

And continuing our blog…Scott and I…after a period of intense learning on my part.

Oh yes…intense, deep, filled with love and new knowing for me…

I am taught by my son Scott, now in Spirit. I am still totally in awe of the process!

I know it may sound crazy or far fetched or even wishful thinking…

Some of you reading my words might say… I understand Sara. I am experiencing this too…

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