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What Can Death Teach Us…When We Really Don’t Want to Learn?

The love and commitment I have always had for my beloved Scott could never be questioned. Not when he was here in his body…or for the last twenty-one years…since he “left”.

He has shown me that his love and commitment for me is as true as ever. And now…spiritually…much more knowing and powerful than I could have EVER imagined.

Did I worry about this…his love and commitment to me… in the early years of grief and then the middle years of my twenty-one years? Yes…of course!

There are too many unknowns… And my precious most loved only child had seemingly vanished off the face of this earth.

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What Can Death Teach You Today?

The love I have for Scott is the love I’ve always had for Scott…

The love that cherished him and nurtured him…

It was always immense…no, it was bigger than immense. What word covers all that huge, incredible, deep love?

I know it’s forever, for eternity… Even beyond this lifetime… Beyond Scott’s lifetime. He’s proven that.

Scott has shown me our love…soul planned for this lifetime would outlive…him…

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