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Why??  Then ask why a million other times too. Why him, why her, why us? Was there not enough love, protection, courage,and guidance? The doctors, the hospital, the treatment…wasn’t it enough? We followed all the rules! We are good people! We used tough love, or we gave all we had, we tried, we never gave up, we wanted for her or him to experience life, to fly.


How many times are those questions answered to our deepest need for truth, an understanding that allows us to accept what was created… Will there ever be enough answers for all we desperately ask?

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The Soul Planned Life

The soul plans are not as confusing as you may think…

And it is definitely time to share more…

I want you to know this…and Scott/Spirit insists you have this piece…

You will always be connected to your children and loved ones.  ALWAYS.

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