The meaning of life and death...from a mom's perspective

All This Is Spiritual

The love for our children, our loved ones who left this earth (but truly haven’t left us) will continue to flourish in ways you may not see or understand today.

Our soul plans created this deep love and commitment we have for one another…planned before we were born.

It may take some time before you can more fully see the many, many ways this spiritual commitment you made together is seen. Can you remain in that beautiful promise made in Spirit…even though you cannot remember all the details?

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What Can Today Show You?

The first knowing I had that Scott had died was… This is so incredibly final!

It wasn’t until I was given that first sign of his continuing relationship with me that I was able to see a spark of hope…that death is not final. It came the day after his funeral.

Now, all these years later…I cannot believe how much Scott/Spirit has taught me…and continues to…

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The New Year…

The New Year…leaving the old and facing the new…without you Scott…for the first time…or again and again… It was hell.

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The Soul Plans of Life and Death

The love is for always.

The need to know more is for certain.

There are answers that go beyond the norm. The norm being mainstream…

But then…are we becoming mainstream in our words?

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A LIVE Video on Thursday, November 3

Is pain is the only thing left… Or is it the love?

Grief forces us to somehow detach and yet reattach to the loves in our lives in new ways after their deaths… It is extremely painful and confusing. It often feels like a mind field as we walk though each day.

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Soul Planning ~ The Eternal Connection With Our Loved Ones

When the life I knew changed forever, I was not ready. I could never have been ready.

No matter how my child died…or yours…or your loved ones…we are changed. Whether there was great love, anger, passion, disappointment, or anything else in life felt at the time of death…the truth is…it still changes us.

What do we do with those deep feelings that rip through us?

We fight. Or we seek out alternative ways of looking at those feelings. We may try to cover them up so that we don’t feel so deeply. We may ask for help when our life is in such turmoil we can’t stand it…or we may look at all of it entirely differently…

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