The meaning of life and death...from a mom's perspective

The Love Is The Piece That Remains Forever

When the love is the piece you miss the most…can you imagine it is the piece that lasts forever? It is the part of your relationship that cannot ever be broken or lost. It is the piece that cannot ever be ignored… It is all so deeply a part of you.

We are the ones bringing these words.


Mom/Sara is typing… We are bringing the words she and we know must be heard today, tomorrow, next week, next year…and beyond.

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Who Am I Now?

As the immense love for our children and loved ones is shifting our thinking, opening our minds…through their big and small signs that cannot be denied…we are changed.

Through our missing them, we are changed.

Through our growing and understanding more about life and death…we are changed.

We are being transformed by grief and love…with determination on both sides. Our love, their love.

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Soul Planning Is In Everything

In all the ways my love for Scott has pushed me to grow… whether I wanted to grow, or did not care about growing… it came. Yes. It could not be stopped. I now know everything is soul planned…including that growth and seeing more…in our grief…during our grief…and beyond our grief.

As an example I share this…with love…because it is about growth…and Scott.

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You Are Following Your Soul Plan…We All Must

As I create this blog with Scott I am always waiting to see what comes onto the page. I never know what the topic is or what words will flow through. So here is this week’s blog… Written in Spirit’s unconditional love and magnificent knowing…

The needing for a reason for your child or loved one’s death is natural, needed, demanded…in the human experience.

Is there always a “reason”? Can there be, will there be?

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Are Soul Plans Logical?

Today, Scott/Spirit explains more…

With the love comes the need to understand the death. It is a loss…one of great missing, the physical connection, the ongoing human contact, love as it was known to be…ad infinitum.

When the connection appears to be severed…how does one explain the signs, messages, dreams, feeling a presence, seeing more than you ever knew?

Is is logical? Are they gone? Are they here? How does logic fit into that…when you come to realize…they are not really gone.

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Soul Planning Begins Before Birth…

What do you know about the life you are living? Does it go from day to day…creating so, so much you do not want, you insist you do not need, or cannot handle?

I understand.

Suddenly my life changed and I was completely unaware of what life was doing to me. It was excruciating, frightening, unfair, chaotic…with so much uncertainty coming at me from all sides. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? I would cry out! STOP THIS!

Do you know what I am talking about? Is that where you are, have been, and still are confused about life?

Did anyone ever teach us about life and why we are here? I mean…really teach us about life?

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