The meaning of life and death...from a mom's perspective

What Can Death Teach Us…When We Really Don’t Want to Learn?

The love and commitment I have always had for my beloved Scott could never be questioned. Not when he was here in his body…or for the last twenty-one years…since he “left”.

He has shown me that his love and commitment for me is as true as ever. And now…spiritually…much more knowing and powerful than I could have EVER imagined.

Did I worry about this…his love and commitment to me… in the early years of grief and then the middle years of my twenty-one years? Yes…of course!

There are too many unknowns… And my precious most loved only child had seemingly vanished off the face of this earth.

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What Can Death Teach You Today?

The love I have for Scott is the love I’ve always had for Scott…

The love that cherished him and nurtured him…

It was always immense…no, it was bigger than immense. What word covers all that huge, incredible, deep love?

I know it’s forever, for eternity… Even beyond this lifetime… Beyond Scott’s lifetime. He’s proven that.

Scott has shown me our love…soul planned for this lifetime would outlive…him…

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Are You Ready for Some New Terminology?

Have you ever wondered what the words “passed away” mean?

It was maybe an easier way of saying “died” I felt…as I fumbled with telling someone Scott had died.

I never really used that terminology “passed away”, but I am not offended by it, or dislike it. I feel that is anyone’s choice…of what seems right or best for them.

And then I thought…what does “passed away” or “rest in peace” or any of those words really mean?

It is a personal choice to use them…and they become mainstream in time I guess. Even using the word ”lost” in “I lost my child” does not feel right to some.

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There is More!

We are back… Whew!

And continuing our blog…Scott and I…after a period of intense learning on my part.

Oh yes…intense, deep, filled with love and new knowing for me…

I am taught by my son Scott, now in Spirit. I am still totally in awe of the process!

I know it may sound crazy or far fetched or even wishful thinking…

Some of you reading my words might say… I understand Sara. I am experiencing this too…

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The Spiritual Journey includes…death

As I write today…after another week of learning and experiencing and feeling the pain of stretching…in my thinking and in my life…

These words came to me from Scott/Spirit…

I am the mother and child and the teacher and the student in all this work I’m doing with our blog.

It is “our” blog. Scott in Spirit…my beloved child who died suddenly at nineteen…twenty years ago…writes with me.

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Spiritual Nourishment

What comes when the love and the life you and I so invested in and loved…leaves this earth?

We experience life as never before.

And we see life differently than ever before. We see others around us in new ways.

Scott, my beloved child on the Other Side is my teacher. He is a teacher for all of us…

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