The “Veil” and Its Meaning of “Separation”

As Scott and I write together to help bring clarity to much of what has been confusing us, I love that Spirit brings these topics to the forefront…

In keeping the promise we made to you last week to reveal the spiritual meaning…and relieve the confusion of “the veil” that seemingly separates us from our children and loved ones…let’s take a deeper look. Truly, this “veil” has given us in the human body something to visualize and hold in our minds that illustrates we are on two sides of something. But are we?

As I tried to find Scott after he suddenly died, I had very few resources…actually fewer than are known to us today. In the beginning I viewed Scott being in Heaven. Then with greater awareness, I chose to use the term the “Other Side”.  He seemed so less far away to me on the “Other Side”. Years later he wrote me and told me he was on the “other side of town” and that brought him even closer to me! Isn’t that what we all so desperately need? To know, KNOW they are closer than being so far away?

The distance is what feels so deeply wrong. We love so fully in life, we nurtured our children, our relationships, with all we knew at the time, what we could give them…some children never left the hospital, and yet were given the most profound love possible. And then they are gone?


The spiritual journeys we are all taking, coming directly from our soul plans, were created before we were born. At that time we knew how challenging our lives would be, how filled with love, or lacking in love, how deeply painful and beautiful this lifetime would be. And yet, everyone of us still agreed to it all, knowing it was needed for us to grow, find inner strength…radiance and vulnerability, to share with one another, or to withhold information in order to survive…that whatever was planned would become our reality.

We know some of you are new to this…please read on…

The soul plan is really one of sacrifice in most lifetimes. Ultimately, as we all know, death will come to everyone born. Truly, our love is so great for those we plan with that we will be the first to die…in order for this deep growing to evolve.  We wrote in our earlier blogs about the risks we take to enter into new relationships…having a child, adopting children, marriage, and more. It is a commitment of love. Deep love. But we cannot know the outcome of those commitments…because everything is created in Spirit…with us…by us…for the greater good…for evolvement.

We know you might be thinking or yelling out loud, “I would never have agreed to this!”

But you are here…reading a blog about life, death, soul planning, love. These answers do not come easily…but isn’t the bigger picture of life and death already showing you more about all this?  Signs, dreams, deep new relationships and friendships, songs that speak to you, breathtaking or magical occurrences that you cannot easily explain HOW they happen?

So Scott and I are taking you to the “veil”…but you need what we have written here to go there…

Scott/Spirit shares…

When the love for us in Spirit is showing you more…maybe not enough…but still showing you something more (or will in time), you have entered into a new place of recognizing you are not alone on this journey. You never will be…the soul plan connects us always…as we wrote last week…this cord cannot be broken.

The veil is what may appear to be the invisible separation.  For centuries, the “veil” between you in the body and loved ones in Spirit has been seen in this way…like a fabric that is so thin it can be seen through.

To give you a new visual…

Imagine a window that has been closed for years, maybe even nailed shut.

But…I need the window opened!

So let’s take the nails out one at a time…not easily done…but we have to try to lift the window up to let some air in…

It gets stuck, UGH!…and is not coming up easily!

You must know, there is a curtain on this window…and it even gets in the way of the window being opened.  So frustrating…

But don’t give up…you need fresh air!

Nails removed, some major pulling and tugging…

With even more effort the window finally slides up!  Suddenly, the wind from outside is rushing in so fast it is blowing the curtain in. Can you imagine this? Fresh air!  And the fabric is literally  dancing in the wind!

The curtain, like the “veil”, is now more able to flow in and out of the open window…

And so, the metaphor…

This veil…it is not a real separation… It is an image that has been very helpful for those who are grieving…to be reassured…that we are so thinly separated from one another…and by much less than you have known.

Perhaps you cannot really understand this until you have done the “heavy lifting” of grieving, seeking answers, examining old beliefs, releasing, inputting the new, understanding the depth of your continuing relationships…

And that is why you are reading…

All a part of your soul’s journey…this new relationship…different than before…and because the cord was never cut…so much still remains. Love cannot end. The separation is felt deeply by your missing, the unknown, the feeling of futures unfinished…

Yes, and with the energy of Spirit, we are opening the windows, the veil is lessening and actually not even there anymore. Taking that feeling of separation away…opens you up to a greater knowing that your child, children, loved ones are present still.  Running with you…talk to me, family vacations…talk to me, frustrations, talk to me…fear, joy, anger…talk to me!  I may not answer you, but we are communicating…you are trusting I am still with you. I hear you.

Big love,

Sara and Scott


20 responses to “The “Veil” and Its Meaning of “Separation””

  1. Patricia Hollinger says:

    Yes, I believe this to be true. However, there is still the persistent desire to touch, see with my physical eyes the son that died in 2009. Thanks for sharing your own journey.

    • Sara Ruble says:

      I feel that too Patricia. Life will never be the same…but I’ve learned not being able to change the course of Scott’s death, that this is what life and death bring. Unfair? It is what happened. Truly, having more information is absolutely necessary and knowing you are not the only one… Thank you for sharing… xoxo

  2. Terry says:

    Sara have you ever ‘heard’ whispering and thought it was Scott coming through? I had this experience today at the end of yoga, in Savasana. I really couldn’t make out what was being whispered except I thought I heard, “Mommy.” Thanks so much for your (and Scott’s) insights and sharing with all of us ♡

    • Sara Ruble says:

      Yes, I have heard whispers Terry. Trust the perfect ways our children can get our attention. I love you are doing yoga…such a great way to hear more… 🙂

  3. Ruth-Marie Dorgan says:

    I love this, and the way you Scott explained it makes so much sense. When you talk about our souls agreeing with the life we have, is that what predestination is about? I am ten months into my journey with Billy, and he has shown me so much love from the other side. He wants me to learn all I can, and I feel so very blessed to have the resources right at my fingertips!! Thank you for opening your heart to us.

    • Sara Ruble says:

      Yes Ruth-Marie, predestination is a term often used in the past to understand our soul plans. Spirit is changing some wording and bringing it into more contemporary terminology! I’m so happy that Billy is coming to you…as you see your soul plans unfold in this new way. Beautiful! xoxo

  4. Jan Chandler says:

    I am so thrilled to find your site! My son Ben crossed over the the other side on Aug 20 2006. I read everything I could find on life after death, what happens when you die, etc. Which lead me to reading and thinking about life plans. I have a frequent undeniable connection with Ben that lights up my heart.

    • Sara Ruble says:

      I’m so happy you found us too Jan…it was meant to be! Your great need to understand the life and death experiences will benefit you in ways you cannot always see quite yet, but so important. Knowing you have an undeniable connection with Ben is powerful. I’m so happy for you! xoxo

  5. Katherine says:

    My son died by his own hand in Nov 2016. I have not had a dream of him, have not gotten many signs from him. I really thought he would be around me more. Guessing I am too negative for him to come around. so confused by it all…..much more difficult to lose a child than a grandparent or father whom you adored so much.

    • Sara Ruble says:

      Dear Katherine…I know how hard this is. I know your desperation and need for a dream. Our children are so aware of everything, not a doubt in my mind. When the time is perfect for that dream, it will come. Trusting his knowing more than your own, when so much is unreal to begin with, I encourage you to talk to him, tell him you trust him, and for him to show you the way. It may take time…we don’t know what any of us will receive from our children before it comes. Please stay with Scott and me here…you will see more… xoxo

  6. Mary Jane Wetmore says:

    I’m glad that I found your site. I agree with what you have written here about the veil that separates us from our loved ones. I have had very few signs from my daughter and continually CRAVE a dream, visitation, etc from her that lets me know she is at peace. Her death is so tragic. On Nov 17th, 2016, my son-in-law killed my beautiful, precious daughter, Amy, age 30, and their precious children, age 5 and 18 months, my only and deeply loved grandchildren. Up until this day he was always loving, kind, gentle, never heard him raise his voice. He shot and killed them while they peacefully lay sleeping and then shot himself. He suffered from depression (which was kept extremely well hidden) and loathed himself, but why he killed his entire family that adored him, and vice versa, we will never know. We are so bereft and I don’t know how I will ever be happy again in this life. Three bright lights…all who knew them loved them as they all exuded love and kindness. I know the scriptures say the righteous will be at peace and have happiness and I want to believe this but the “doubting Thomas” part of me is so worried…she loved him so much and to get to the Spirit World and find out that her own husband shot and killed them, I just fear that she feels so betrayed and can’t rest in peace; I also worry his beloved daughters may also feel the same way. I do have a deep faith but my grief is so overwhelming and excruciating. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you so much in advance, and God Bless you.

    • Sara Ruble says:

      Dear Mary Jane, I am sorry for the delay in responding…Spirit does this to me at times…for the meaning to come through more clearly now. My heart breaks for you…so much to absorb… Let me assure you and reassure you again that your daughter, your grandchildren, your son-in-law too see everything in ways that are filled only with immense knowing and love…in ways we cannot see so clearly while we are on earth. The soul plans we make with one another while in Spirit create the experiences here, that we must live…even though so confusing and painful for us… We must seek out answers, meaning, perhaps even forgiveness as a part of our own journey. Trust in the knowing that your daughter sees so much more, that somehow she will let you know she is filled with Spirit’s light and love. xoxo

  7. I am constantly finding myself viewing this experience as a “witness”.. I lost My Alisha Jan 20, 2011.. she was 20, at 2:22 in the afternoon.. beautiful day. She was struck by a Shaws tractor trailer truck that ran a red light. It was a beautiful day. My journey from that moment has been such a struggle. Without going through all the pain and emotional instability.. the bottom of it all is discontentment and disorientation… between two worlds.. as you have suggested. It is like learning a whole new language that you can’t talk about to anyone. Life is so loud !! how do you even get a word in edgewise?? never mind trying to tell people about the communication that would label you as crazy or motivates the looks of “pity”… (poor Dawn, she is broken and has lost her mind).. Can you believe i actually lost a job, trying to convey what communication was happening to me and how proud I was of my daughter for checking in and the things she was able to convey ! ? I’ve learned to just NOT talk about it. Even with my family, who loves Alisha the most.. Today, this mother’s day, she came to me again… she mostly uses “light”.. not sure if that happens to anyone else?? I can see her face images in “light”… I’m not looking for her.. she just appears… like peaking through the veil.. letting me know she is here with me. A physical expression to validate her still with me. I was able to talk TO her as if she was standing in front of me. (I do understand I don’t have to see her with my eyes).. but, the showed me herself on Mother’s Day. I wanted to should to the world how caring and loving my daughter is for doing that for me TODAY. But, I can’t .. it makes me feel sick, my reality – my reality – my reality – I can’t share it. This happens to me all of the time. Things I know to be “real”.. without my looking for them. I’m honestly not looking for them and things appear to let me know “I’m right here mom” – “you are strong, we are doing this together”. So much communication, I’ve had to write it down because it amazes me , STILL every time. How do I know at the core of my being exactly what is being said ? without words? Why couldn’t I tell my family today that I saw Alisha, and I spoke with her and she let me know that she “is here with us and KNOWS everything I’m trying to tell her with my words” ! I hate this feeling of not being able to talk about it. I’m a witness in my own life, with a reality so big that I cant express it in a way that is comprehensive. Maybe because the loss is incomprehensible, it is almost NOT real.. in a category by itself that has no words. I’m irritable and uncomfortable today.. This mother’s day that I am overwhelmed with blessings and the gratitude of my girls choosing me to be their mom. MY DAY, given to me by my girls. So sorry I just want it to be tomorrow. Life is SO LOUD !! Thank you for allowing me to dump this here. I’m going to go “regroup”… and put the mask back on to continue this day with my family. Take good care.

    • Sara Ruble says:

      Dear Dawn,
      Thank you for sharing… Again, I was not meant to answer you until today… Just as you see so much from Alisha, I am guided by her spirit in my response to you! I truly understand everything you wrote about. It is a lonely place to be… And yes, others have a hard time grasping what we can see so clearly. I too had a deep need to express everything Scott was bringing me. Of course! It is so unbelievable and yet so REAL. I had to learn, as you are, that not everyone is ready or wanting to hear what we are seeing. I did not know then what I know now…that everything is soul planned. Your hearing and seeing Alisha, your strong connection HAS to be. Soul planned. So beautiful! Your family and friends who do not want to hear of this amazing communication? Their soul plans have not opened them up to it (yet). Not unusual… And so you must find those who will embrace and love hearing what you need to share about Alisha. If you are on Facebook, there are many sites … Signs From Our Loved Ones, Helping Parents Heal, Helping Parents Heal Online, Living With Hope Online, and Between Two Worlds are a few.
      Trust Alisha will show you more…it’s the plan… 🙂 xoxo

  8. Lisa says:

    I lost my son on January 5th of this year from an aggressive stomach cancer. He was only 33. The whole concept of him dying from this with no symptoms, doing nothing that would cause this like smoking and no family history-well it is like a nightmare and I cant wake up! He only lived 69 days from diagnosis until he passed. We continued to get bad news each day of his illness.
    I am a Christian and believe in my Lord with all of my heart and soul-else I could not get out of the bed each day. How do soul contracts mesh with my Christian beliefs? I know my son speaks to me often, he comes to me as a cardinal because we discussed that before he died. I have been at some of my lowest points and I look up in my beautiful garden and there is my male cardinal. The timing is too coincidental. His responses to me when we talk are too quick; I know they are coming directly from him! He tells me is happy and we will be together again.

    • Sara Ruble says:

      Dear Lisa… When life shows up and takes us in new directions…even without our consent…we are forced to see more. I love that you and your son were able to talk about the cardinals, a continuing relationship beyond the life you knew. Such a gift! I know there are no coincidences ever…and when we look at life and death, the afterlife through these new eyes, we are opened up to the magic of God, Spirit, a son’s love. How do these come together with your Christian beliefs? Only you can blend them and find your own “mesh”. Your son is teaching you, showing you more… The soul contracts are designed for growth and love and a deeper understanding of all that is… You will see… xoxo

  9. Lynette says:

    What a beautiful post about the connection that is available to all of us. It think of my people as having simply dropped their costumes for this play we all signed up for. Now they are all waiting for me to drop mine so we can celebrate our accomplishments, laugh about the journey, and plan for the next event. I know that I am swimming in the love of my husband, my parents, every furry creature I’ve ever loved, and so many more. Yes, some days I’d give my left arm to have one more moment in the flesh. And then I go int meditation and someone hugs me, I hear my husband call my name, the scent of his pipe tobacco suddenly fills the room. I know as surely as I know my dog is sitting on my lap that they are here. My job now is to find as much joy as I can while I’m still playing my part and to not look forward too much to the final curtain. Bless you, Sara.

    • Sara Ruble says:

      When the journey begins to make sense and the soul work fills you with the awareness you have Lynette, a peacefulness does flow into our lives. You are there…sharing your knowing, opening the path to others through your own… Thank you for sharing!

  10. Cynthia Williams says:

    I’m so thankful that I came cross your page. It’s been 255 days since my son was murder to gun violence. All I have done is cried every day for him and this aches in my heart is so unbearable. I long to dream of him coming to me: I want to know that he is okay . I long to feel his presence. . I feel all along and I don’t know how to live without Alphonse.

    • Sara Ruble says:

      Dear Cynthia,
      My heart goes out to you…
      Scott, Alphonse, our beloved children are the force within us that push us to find answers. And sometimes the answers have to go beyond what we’ve ever known. The bigger picture is calling out to you, Alphonse is calling out to you in his own way to see more. “See more?”, you might ask. Yes, on a level that does not separate you from him, but assures you he is always with you. I hope you will go to the beginning of our blogs, they are all archived below Scott’s photo on our page in sequential order. You will see how Scott started coming to me and actually opened up our new relationship. Our work, as humans/moms/dads/other is to seek answers, information, get support, open our hearts and minds up to new ways of looking at life, death and the afterlife. I hope we can continue to help you… xoxo

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